Weddings are not only a celebration of love, but a reflection of personal style and unique taste.
At APL Photography, we have the privilege of crafting exquisite films that capture the essence of your special day, showcasing your love story in a cinematic masterpiece. Our team of skilled filmmakers takes pride in immortalising the precious moments, emotions, and pure bliss that surrounds a wedding day.

Be it a stunning wedding in the picturesque Australia or a romantic affair in a charming European destination, our talented team is well-equipped with the expertise to deliver an exceptional film that will surpass your expectations. We have filmed in some of the most beautiful locations around the world and have experience working with various cultures, traditions and customs.

We know that your wedding day is one of the most significant moments of your life, and we approach each project with meticulous care and attention to detail. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a tailored experience that reflects your personality, style and unique taste.

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Catarina & Justin

Catarina & Justin's wedding celebration was a truly enchanting and unforgettable occasion set within the elegant backdrop of Melbourne's Crown, a breathtaking urban wedding venue. APL Photography masterfully preserved every intricate moment of the couple's extraordinary day. The ceremony itself unfolded amidst the lush beauty of the botanical gardens, adding a touch of natural grace to their remarkable union.

Jessica and Daniel

Jessica & Daniel's wedding celebration was a beautiful and memorable event that took place at Metropolis, a stunning city wedding venue in Melbourne.  APL Photography captured every detail of the couple's special day, from the breathtaking views of St Patricks Church, to the beautiful photoshoot in the city.

Maria & Costas

Maria and Costas celebrated their union in a breathtaking wedding ceremony in the picturesque island of Sifnos, Greece. The event was truly a sight to behold, with every detail carefully curated to showcase the beauty of the location and the love between the happy couple

Christina & James

Christina and James sealed their eternal bond in holy matrimony at the charming Aerial venue nestled in South Wharf, Melbourne. In addition, they captured breathtakingly beautiful memories at the picturesque State Library. The joyous occasion was graced by their dear family and friends, who added to the festivities with their love and blessings.

Anthony & Priscilla

Anthony and Priscilla's wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and commitment that took place at St Anthony in Hawthorn, Australia, followed by a reception at the Ian Potter Room in the State Library. The couple's professional backgrounds, as Director of APL and Director of Giannarelli International and Lusso Event Hire, respectively, added an extra level of sophistication and attention to detail to their special day.

Timothy & Peter

Timothy and Peter's wedding celebration was a beautiful and memorable event that took place at Leonda by the Yarra, a stunning waterfront wedding venue in Hawthorn, Melbourne.  APL Photography captured every detail of the couple's special day, from the breathtaking views of the Yarra River during the outdoor ceremony, to the beautiful photoshoot in the city.

Suzana & Faris

Suzana and Faris tied the knot at Luminare during the summer season, creating a beautiful and memorable wedding celebration. The couple exchanged their vows in front of family and friends at the stunning city skyline, and the love and happiness that filled the air. The photos and video captured every detail, from the bride's intricate wedding gown to the groom's sharp suit and the floral arrangements that adorned the venue.

Stephanie & Anthony

Stephanie and Anthony's wedding day was filled with joy and excitement from the moment they woke up. The anticipation of the big day was palpable, as family and friends gathered to celebrate the couple's love. As the ceremony approached, Stephanie donned her beautiful wedding gown made by Cappellazzo couture and was surrounded by her closest family and friends at Encore Beach Club in Stkilda.

Catherine & Mohammad

Catherine and Mohammed's wedding at Coombe in Yarra Valley was a truly stunning celebration of love and union. The venue, with its Tuscan-inspired architecture and picturesque surroundings, provided the perfect setting for this joyous occasion. The intimate gathering of family and friends created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making everyone feel like they were a part of something special.